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GOVERNING council is established to oversee the design, development and the effective implementation of various academic, co-curricular, enrichment programmes and to give advice in all matters relating to the administration of college under its management. The council composed of selected representatives from our institutions and our sister concern. The governing council also plays an important role in establishing adequate physical infrastructure and competent human resources. Governing council meets often and deliberates on various issues,guides and sumits recommendations to the board of trustees.


  • Upload the mission, vision and core values
  • Monitoring the college in all activities
  • Confirmation of academic activities of each department
  • Review of proposal pertaining to college
  • Overall discipline of students
  • Overall assessment of each department
  • Schedule meetings and extracurricular activities
Chairman Dr. Prof. Usha marath, Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
Head of department Dr.Prof. Lissa peter-OBG Nursing Mrs.Manju George- Mental  Health Nursing Mrs.Mary Pouose-Paediatric Nursing Mrs.Blaicy F- Medical Surgical Nursing Mercy T.V(Sr.Ranjitha)- Community Health Nursing
Chairman of college union Mr.Alok Xavier
Chief of the office staff Sr.Mariatta SABS
President of PTA Mrs.Vincy Babu
Representatives Mrs.Sumathi P V Mrs Jasmine Joseph
Secretary Mrs Manju George


The Curriculum is the backbone of  the technical,  professional and graduate  Programs of academic  institutions. It may be viewed as a processing machine that determines the quantity and quality of the desired outputs. The aim of Curriculum Committee shall be to approve new & revised curriculum & academic policies to ensure compliance with Kerala University of Health Sciences & Indian Nursing Council. In addition, curriculum committee also provides guidance & oversight to ensure that all curriculum is sound, comprehensive & responsive to evolving needs of our students & their academic & overall development.



  • Ensure adequate coverage of all competencies throughout the curriculum
  • Review, evaluate, and periodically update the competencies of the entire nursing education program.
  • Assure that the curriculum of the nursing program is of high quality; that it meets the standards of approval and accrediting bodies; and that the intent of the mission statement, philosophy and objectives of the program are implemented.
  • Implement regular ongoing formal evaluation of the curriculum as specified in the College of Nursing evaluation plan.
  • Review and approve requests for adding, deleting and or modifying individual nursing curriculum activities.


CHAIR PERSON Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
SECRETARY Mrs. Manju George, Professor , HOD Mental  Health Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
MEMBERS All departmental HOD


Academic Monitoring is fundamental to the effective functioning of the system in order to ensure qualitative and functional uniformity of the outcomes. An effective monitoring system will serve as a sentinel in the upkeep and maintained of quality and is aimed at achieving excellence. This Committee will meet periodically and make an objective assessment of the Academic Programs including examinations taking place in the Institutions with special regard to the Regulations, Syllabi and such other guidelines of the University. The committee will take necessary steps to rectify defects and inadequacies if any. Periodical reports will be filed electronically (online) to the KUHS AMC as the Institutional Academic Committee Report (Internal Academic Audit Proforma) twice a year The Institutional Academic Committee (IAC) consists of

Chairman Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
Co-Chairman Mrs. Manju George, Professor , Mental Health Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
Secretary   Mrs.Mary Pouose-Paediatric Nursing, Lisie  College of Nursing
Members   Heads of Departments, Course Co-Ordinators


The disciplinary committee was formed as per the requirements of Kerala university of health sciences, Thrissur to solve problems of student’s indiscipline and look into the welfare of students.The committee conduct  meetings  whenever necessary for resolving problems or otherwise biannually


  • To maintain discipline in the campus, college premises, classroom as well as in the hospitals wherever the students are posted.
  • To achieve the goal of creating a safe, motivating and accepting college environment by supporting the use of positive attitudes and practices.
  • To uptake measures for inappropriate behaviour including progressive discipline comprising suspension and expulsion where necessary.
  • To assure fairness to complainants to students accused of breech of code of student conduct.


  • To frame the rules and regulations of the committee.
  • To make sure that all the students are aware of the discipline of the college and campus.
  • To encourage the students to maintain discipline wherever necessary.
  • Take disciplinary action based on the rules and regulations of the committee, if found with undisciplined behaviour by the same students repeatedly.


Convenor Dr. Prof. Usha marath, Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
Chairperson   Dr.Prof. Lissa peter, VicePrincipal, Lisie  College of Nursing
Secretary Mrs.Sumathi P.V, Associate professor, Child Health Nursing
Members All class co-ordinators PTA representative


  Lisie college union functions in accordance with the regulations of KUHS. The objectives of the union
  • To train the students of the college in the duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship
  • to promote opportunities for the development of character leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service among the students.
  • To organize debates, seminars, work squad, torus and similar other activities,
  • To encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational and recreational activities that are incidental and conductive to the above objectives and
  • To work for the general welfare of the college and to support every activities proposed by College or University like Student Support and Guidance Programme.
  • The term of College Union shall be one year from the date of its constitution or till the reconstitution of new college union whichever is earlier. A member or an office – bearer will cease to be a member or office bearer of the college Union (as the case may be) if he/she ceases to be a student of the College.
The following members were selected for College Union Executive Committee 2019-2020:
  • Vice chairperson (General) :Mr. Ronson Sunny (II B.Sc Nursing)
  • Chairperson :Mr.Alok Xavier (IV B.Sc Nursing)
  • Vice chairperson(reserved for women) :Ms. Devika Saji (II B.Sc Nursing)
  • General Secretary :Ms. Ann Prince (III B.Sc Nursing)
  • Joint Secretary :Ms.Athiramol .K.J (I B.Sc Nursing)
  • Arts club secretary :Ms. Namrada Shailu(IV B.Sc Nursing)
  • Sport secretary :Ms. Gince James (III B.Sc Nursing)
  • Editor :Ms.Christeena Cleetus(III B.Sc Nursing)
  • Joint Editor :Ms. Akshara M(II B.Sc Nursing)
  • UUC :Ms.Athira Beno(IV B.Sc Nursing)
  • Class representatives
  • IV B.Sc Nursing : Ms. AminaShaji
  • III B.Sc Nursing : Ms. Archana Mohanan
  • II B.Sc Nursing : Ms. Arya Albert
  • I B.Sc Nursing : Mr. Thomas Cherian



The College has a vigilant committee against instances of ragging. The Committee takes measures to repeatedly remind students, the consequences of ragging, and ensures that parents and new students are made aware of their rights on the day of orientation and are make to sign anti ragging affidavit. Anti -Ragging Committee is constituted in this college to prevent ragging and to take anti-ragging measures as per the guide lines issued by the Supreme Court of India and UGC. Anti ragging brochures are displayed in all the floors of Lisie College of nursing and hostel. Visits the senior students in their class rooms and sensitize them regarding anti ragging measures and distributes anti ragging brochures. All the senior students and their parents signed theanti ragging undertaking by UGC and submitted to concerned class coordinators. Anti-ragging squad visits the hostel on regular basis and ensures that the fresher’s are placed separately in a single floor and are safe.


1. Rev.Fr.Paul Karedan Director,  Lisie Medical and Educational institutions 0480-2403000 Ext:3333
2. Rev.Fr.Jery Njaliath Assistant Director,  Lisie Medical and Educational institutions Ext:3000
3. Prof.Dr.Usha Marath Principal , Lisie College Of Nursing 0484-2400632(O) 0484-2806712 (R ) 9497039262
4. Prof.Dr,Lisa Peter Vice Principal , Lisie College Of Nursing 0484-2400632(O) 0484-2806712 (R ) 9446718608
5. Mrs, Jasmine Joseph Associate Professor, Lisie College Of Nursing 9446716746
6 Mr.Girish P.C Civil.C.P.O 947932708
7 Mr.Shiju Achandy Editor Sathyadeepam 8606771029
8 Mr.Varghese P.D Parent Representative
9 Ms.Alphy Sabu Student Representative
10 Sr.Mariatta SABS NonTeaching Staff Representative 9895756158

Members of anti-ragging squad


Principal Prof.Dr.UshaMarath
Teacher In Charge Mrs, Jasmine Joseph
First Year Co- ordinator Prof.Manju George
Second Year Co ordinator Mrs..Regy Varghese
Third Year Co ordinator Mrs.Blaicy F
Fouth Year Co ordinator Ms. Mary Paulose


Principal Prof. dr. ushamarath
Hostel warden rose
Hostel warden Rev. sr. stella
Student representative Sr. Annie rose tomy
First year student representative Ms. Ayana babu


Grievance Redressal Cell is intended to find solutions to problems like any kind of physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding classroom teaching, management, completion of syllabus, teaching methods etc. Faculty or students having cause for complaint shall follow established procedures within the complainant`s own department before filing a grievance with Grievance Redressal Cell. A faculty/student with a complaint shall first discuss grievance with an immediate supervisor/HOD respectively. A complainant who is not satisfied with outcome of this procedure may initiate formal grievance redressal procedure by registering a written complaint with Principal, college of nursing.

PRESIDENT Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. Manju George, Professor , Mental Health Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
SECRETARY   Mrs.Regy Varghese, Assisstant Professor , Medical Surgical  Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
MEMBERS   Mrs.Jasmine Joseph, Associate Professor , Medical Surgical  Nursing


Ethics is the most significant element of the academic activities in teaching and research. Teaching and research forms a novel combination of knowledge transfer which needs freedom to express the knowledge. Freedom in the academic process to express the knowledge and invention in the most ethical way. It include the freedom to inquire for innovation of new things in subject that encourage intellectual concern, to present findings, to publish data and conclusions without control or censorship and to teach in the manner they consider professionally appropriate. This requires integrity with the teaching and research.


  • To create academic awareness about responsible conduct of research, study, project work, assignment, thesis, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity- and prevention of misconduct including plagiarism in academic writing among students, researchers, faculty- and other members of academic staff as well as any employee of institution.
  •  To establish institutional mechanism through education and training to facilitate responsible conduct of research, study, project work, assignment, thesis, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity and deterrence from plagiarism.
  • To develop systems to detect plagiarism and to set up mechanisms to prevent plagiarism and punish a student, faculty, or staff of institution committing the act of plagiarism.
Ethical committee members are
PRESIDENT Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie College of Nursing
VICE PRESIDENT Dr. Liza Peter, Professor , Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
SECRETARY   Dr, Sumathi P.V, Associate Professor, Lisie  College of Nursing
MEMBERS   All Departmental heads


The Student Nurses’ Association of India (SNAI) is an affiliated association of the student nurses under the umbrella of TNAI. The main purpose behind the establishment of SNAI was to uphold the dignity and to promote a team spirit among students with professional ethics.

SNAI was established in 1929 during TNAI Annual Conference in Madras. Miss L.N.Jeans, Nursing Superintendent, Government General Hospital, Madras, was the first Honorary Organizing Secretary of SNAI. The pioneer unit of SNA was established in General Hospital, Madras. Further the SNAI units are expanded gradually to many nursing institutions in India and started functioning. Now there are 900 SNAI units and 150000 SNAI members in the country.

All the students of Lisie College Of Nursing are enrolled as Student Nurses Association members at the time of admission. SNA of Lisie College of Nursing works to provide oppurtunities for personel,  intellectual ,professional and social growth of its members.  SNA unit of Lisie College Of Nursing is one of the best platforms for the students nurses as it provides opportunity for curricular and co-curricular programs. It encourages them to participate in various health related activities at campus level and also extends to the  community level


  • To help the students to uphold the dignity of the profession.
  • To promote team spirit among students for common goal.
  •  To help the students to develop professional ethics.
  • To encourage students to gain positive attitude towards the nursing profession
  • To encourage the students to develop leadership quality and effective communication skills for overall development.
  • To encourage students to participate and compete in various events at state, regional and national conferences.
President Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
Advisor :   Mrs.Lekshmi.P, Lecturer, Community Health Nursing, Lisie  College of Nursing
 Vice President Ms.Annmary Varghese, IVyear B.Sc.Nursing
Secretary Ms.Elizabeth, III year B.Sc.Nursing
Treasurer Ms.Nasrin Nazer, IVyear B.Sc.Nursing
Representatives Ms.Asbin Azeez- I  year B.Sc.Nursing Ms.Mareena  Jacob- II year B.Sc.Nursing Ms.Aleena Biju- III year B.Sc.Nursing Ms.Anu Mathew- IVyear B.Sc.Nursing


Library committee consist some selected members who are responsible for the progress of institution and making a well plan and policy for the development of library. The Library Committee provides a forum for open discussion of matters relating to the Library and its services

The duties and functions of the Library Committee  :
  • To frame general rules for the management of the Library
  • To advise the Librarian regarding general library development
  • To prepare the annual budget estimates of the library for submission to the Executive Council.
  • To allocate funds, from the sanctioned annual budget of the library, for the purchase of books, journals and periodicals
  • To arrange for the stock taking of the library
  • To prepare and submit to the Academic Council, an Annual Report summarizing the activities and achievements of the library
  • To support research activity for its progress and qualitative development
  • To provide various library services and facilities to the readers
  • To provide full information support to the teaching-learning process in the college
  •  To develop collection of reading material useful for various courses.
Chair person Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
Vice chairperson Dr.Liza Peter, Professor , Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
 Librarian Mrs.Vinnetha
Members Mrs.Chandini, Asst Librarian All department heads

Parent Teacher Association

Lisie College Of Nursing  Parent–Teacher Association (PTA)  is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in a school. Its mission is to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff of Lisie college of nursing.. It is our belief that the team effort of  Lisie College Of Nursing parent teacher organization offers the best possible learning environment for our students. The PTA meetings are conducted periodically and parents are given opportunity to share their opinions and concerns regarding their wards education in the college. Our efforts serve to enhance and maximize the education of every student while aiding them in achieving their highest potential.


  • To foster and promote good understanding and co-operation between members of the teaching staff, students and guardians of the students of the college.
  • To inculcate in the members a keen interest in the working and progress of the college
  • To plan and execute such measures as will enable members to take an active and useful part in the development, improvement and welfare of the college.
  • To induce all parents of the students of the college to effectively and actively co-operate with the college authorities in maintaining good disciplines and high standards among the students
  • To define suitable ways and means with a view to prevent students unrest and to assist and co-operate with the college authorities in running the college smoothly during times of stress if any.
PRESIDENT Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
VICE PRESIDENT Dr.Lissa Peter, Professor , Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
SECRETARY   Mrs. Mary Poulose, Paediatric Nursing, Lisie  College of Nursing
MEMBERS   Class wise PTA representative Staff representative


Staff development refers to all the policies, practices, and procedures used to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies of staff to improve the effectiveness and efficiency both of the individual and the institution. All staff are supported and encouraged to acquire and develop the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies to enhance their performance in their current role. This committee organize and conduct continuing education programs (minimum one per  month), which may include workshops, seminars, and activities. Staffs are encouraged to write and publish papers and to attend and present scientific papers at various conferences,seminars, workshops at state and national levels. Monthly staff meeting is held to discuss academic and non academic affairs of the college. Regular performance appraisals of faculty members are also been ensured.


  • to assist teachers to develop their potential and strengths in order to enhance their working efficiency;
  • to encourage teachers to grow professionally and keep abreast of education innovations so that they are able to face new challenges;
  • to facilitate the faculty to realize her goals, enhance teaching effectiveness and provide high quality education.
  • Evaluate the success of staff development activities
PRESIDENT Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
VICE PRESIDENT Dr.Liza Peter, Professor , Obstetric and Gynaecological Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
SECRETARY   Mrs.Blaicy F, Associate Professor , Medical Surgical  Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
MEMBERS   All department heads


The aim of Guidance and Counselling committee is to provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that will equip students with necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals. The cell nurtures students through  different activities and allows  students to cross  hurdles in the academic year thereby marching smoothly towards success. Apart from this, it helps the students to overcome class, social, and cultural barriers to complete their learning. The Guidance and Counseling Committee is looked after by a teaching faculty. The other faculty members identifies the students in need and directs them to the committee. The committee identifies students who require services on priority along with their areas of deficiency and suggests the improvement required. The students once identified, are given academic as well as personal counselling. Students need a listening and caring heart from outside of their friends or family circles. To meet this need we have a   counsellor available on campus.


  • To help students adjusting with the new environment of the college
  • To help in developing qualities required for a successful for a nursing practice.
  • To help students in getting adjusted with the clinical environment.
  • To help students keeping in touch with the latest trends in nursing
  • To help students in developing positive learning habits, especially skill learning
  • To help in the development of appropriate coping straggles in order to deal with stress in a productive manner
  • To help nursing students in establishing proper identity.
  • To help them to develop a positive attitude towards life.
  • To help to overcome periods of turmoil & confusion.
  • To help students in developing their leadership qualities.
  • Helps them to readiness for changes & face challenges
  • To carryout responsibilities as a health team member
  • Helps them to proper selection of career
  • Motivate them for higher studies
PRESIDENT Dr. Usha Marath , Principal , Lisie  College of Nursing
VICE PRESIDENT Mrs. Manju George, Professor , Mental Health Nursing , Lisie  College of Nursing
SECRETARY   Mrs.Jasmine Joseph, Associate Professor , Medical Surgical  Nursing
MEMBERS   Counsellor All class co-ordinators



 Organized by KUHS for the overall development of students. The cell provides support and guidance to the problems faced by the students on the aspects of learning along with emotional support. As per KUHS we have constituted SSGP in our college from 2015-16.

  The emphasis given in this programme is focusing on holistic development of student by addressing their issues like:
  • Academic and scholastic issues
  • Psychosocial issues
  • Physical and reproductive health issues
The nodal faculty members detect the issues faced by students and will provide guidance and counseling.

The nodal officers are:

Dr, Sumathi P.V, Associate Professor, Lisie  College of Nursing Mrs, Jasmine Joseph, Associate Professor, Lisie College Of Nursing

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