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There are 6 laboratories set up as per the guidelines of INC. All the laboratories have adequate quantity of manikins, simulators, instruments, models, specimens which facilitate learning before the students venture into the clinical areas. These are:

  • Nursing foundation lab: A spacious nursing foundation lab is designed to equip students with nursing skills, where they perform all nursing procedures on adult sized manikins prior to the exposure to the clinical field.During the time spent in this lab, students are introduced to a range of clinical nursing skills essential for safe nursing practice. This lab simulates a general ward and has 11 cots with adult size multipurpose manikins, including CPR manikin. The lab has adequate sets of instruments and articles necessary for procedure demonstration. All the basic procedures are demonstrated by the faculty and return demonstration by each student using pre prepared checklist is obtained to ensure and build up the confidence of students to perform the same when they go to the actual clinical setting.

  • Preclinical lab: Pre-clinical lab is designed to enable the students to acquire knowledge of the basic anatomical structure and functions, biochemical composition and its alteration of the human body. The models and specimens in anatomy lab make learning the different organs and its functions easier.

  • Medical Surgical Nursing lab: This lab is designed to assist student in developing expertise in caring for patients wih medical and surgical disorders. The lab is equipped with 2 cots and manikins to facilitate learning of critical nursing care making transition to actual clinical settings easier. Students learn to perform and employ emergency management in simulated clinical scenarios. Lab is equipped with articles required to practice advanced nursing care procedures such as crash cart, defibrillators, mechanical ventilator, dialysis machine,ECG machine, cardiac monitors, pulse oximeter, cath lab articles, dressing sets, tracheostomy set, intubation tray and O.T instruments.

  • Community Health Nursing lab: A separate lab, with all the necessary articles to learn the role of the nurse in caring for people in community is available here. This laboratory is equipped with community bags, for learning bag techniques, and various audio visual aids related to community health concern including models, flash cards and flip charts. This lab ensures the students to learn home visiting and to practice the principles of community health nursing while providing family health care at their door step.

  • Maternal and Child Health lab: The aim of this lab is to help students learn essential midwifery skills within a supportive environment and to make them confident to practice these skills when they go to the actual clinical areas in the hospital. Students are trained to provide safe midwifery care to women during the different stages of pregnancy, child birth and during post natal period. The lab has manikins where child birth is simulated, and is equipped with various models, dummies, bones, charts, instruments, and equipment for normal and abnormal birth process and procedures.
    The child health section of this lab will equip students with essential knowledge, skills and attitude needed to provide accurate, safe and comprehensive nursing care to children in various age group. Paediatric section has paediatric cots, baby cradles, phototherapy unit, incubator, baby manikin, paediatric manikin, baby resuscitation set, oxygenhood and other articles that are required to perform various procedures. Different types of exhibits, posters, displaying growth charts, immunization etc are also displayed. A separate section is designated to teach students regarding selection of playful material for different age groups.

  • Nutrition lab: This lab is designed to assist the students to acquire knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nursing.   This is a well-ventilated and well-furnished where the students get excellent training in nutrition and dietetics. The lab is equipped with various models, posters, flash cards, flip charts for nutrition education. It also has a refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stoves, various vessels and accessories needed to learn the art of healthy cooking. This helps to introduce students to the principles of dietetics and healthy nutrition. They learn the various methods of cooking and serving, calculation and planning of balance diet for different categories of people. They are also taught about modified diet for various disease conditions.

  • Computer Lab: This lab helps the students to master the technology, making them confident in its use. The lab has 20 computers with internet facility. The lab is made available to the students as per there demand and the course requirement. The lab is governed by a set of written rules and regulations’ in order to prevent misuse.

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