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Principal’s Message

Nursing, the largest of the health professions, plays a crucial role in determining national health outcomes. Care within the hospital setting continues to grow more complex, and nurses must make critical decisions associated with care for sicker, frailer patients. Care in this setting depends on sophisticated, life-saving technology coupled with complex information management systems that require skills in analysis and synthesis. Care outside the hospital is becoming more complex as well. Nurses are being called upon to coordinate care among a variety of clinicians and community agencies; to help patients manage chronic illnesses, thereby preventing acute care episodes and disease progression; and to use a variety of technological tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of care. A more educated nursing workforce would be better equipped to meet these demands.

Nowadays, providing high quality nursing care is a requirement which depends on the nursing competency. Clinical nursing competency means competence and qualification in the areas of cognitive and psycho-physical, clinical skills, critical thinking, decision making and ability to enhance learning through academic knowledge and clinical experience, leading, finally, to standards and safe care. Given the sensitive nature of their work, nurses must acquire the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities necessary for safe, proficient, and effective practice.

The primary goals of nursing education remain the same: nurses must be prepared to meet diverse patients’ needs; function as leaders; and advance science that benefits patients and the capacity of health professionals to deliver safe, quality patient care. At the same time, nursing education needs to be transformed in a number of ways to prepare nursing graduates to work collaboratively and effectively with other health professionals in a complex and evolving health care system in a variety of settings. Hence improving the education system and achieving a more educated workforce is the need of the hour. Lisie College of Nursing as a team works on this philosophy without losing the essence of nursing.

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