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“What a believing nurse can offer the patient? Justice Kurian Joseph Special Class for B.Sc. Nursing students in Lisie College of Nursing

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On 21st Feb 2021, Justice Kurian Joseph addressed the B.Sc. Nursing students in Lisie College of Nursing on the topic “What a believing nurse can offer the patient?” through a zoom meeting arranged from New Delhi from 6-7 PM. This was the third session of expert’s classes arranged as a part of their newly introduced course on “Spirituality in Nursing”. He shared the view that patients, who are admitted to the hospital for various reasons might have a lot of negative feelings and emotions, which could be transformed into a positive relationship by a nurse who is filled with positive energy. The nurse, who is a believer, should approach the patient with wisdom, confidence, and courage that is given by God, to use it appropriately while caring for patients and with a feeling that she/ he is accountable to God. That is fundamental for turning those actions into a caring and compassionate relationship and transmitting positive energy for a patient’s recovery.  

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