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Talk by Dr. Fr. Paul Karedan, on “Spirituality in Nursing” for B.Sc. Nursing students

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On 19/02/2021, the second session of Experts’ Classes on Spirituality, a newly introduced course of “Spirituality in Nursing” for B.Sc. Nursing students were given by Dr. Fr. Paul Karedan, DIrector of Lisie Medical and Educational Institutions. The class, held from 4- 5 PM in the Hospital Auditorium, was on the topic “Finding God in Oneself as God’s creation” gave a broad overview of spirituality in Nursing, and emphasized the need to have a positive self-concept, and in recognizing worth in everyone’s life. Learning one’s own abilities is the key to realizing one’s worth, as God’s creation and to help others facing problems and difficulties. By realizing our self-worth, self-motivation can be improved, as well as performance, which is the key to achievement.

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