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Scholarship and awards

Students are receiving various scholarships such as MCM scholarship, E- grants, KUHS studentship and LBS merit scholarship. Institution offers awards such as best academic achiever, best outgoing , best bedside nurse for outgoing batch and Msgr. Antony Parackal memorial merit award and scholarship for every batch. Alumni presents award for best clinical performance in all batches.

Student hand book

A handbook with details regarding academic rules and regulations, faculty members and monthly academic planner is developed very year and distributed to students in the beginning of academic year.

Academic Calendar

A master plan is prepared for each batch by the respective class coordinator after discussing with Principal and subject in charges. It provides a comprehensive plan of the course for the corresponding year.

College Union

As per the Kerala University of Health Sciences directions the College Union election for the academic year 2019 – 20 was conducted on 20-12-2019. Mr. Alok Xavier and Ms. Athira Beno got elected as Chairperson and University Union Counselor respectively.


The Student Nurses association is a nationwide organization for nursing students since 1929 and is a unit of TNAI (Trained Nurses Association of India). The main purpose of this association is to provide opportunities for nursing students to facilitate their overall development. All the students of are enrolled as members at the time of admission. SNA provides opportunities for personal, intellectual, emotional, professional and social growth of its members. SNA conducts monthly meetings, sports, arts, literature and educational competitions, celebration of festivals, observation of important health days. Prof.(Dr.)Usha Marath, Mrs. Lakshmi P and Ms. Elizebath Maria Joseph are President, Staff advisor and Vice President respectively.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of the College proudly presents its unique creation in the form of annual magazine on the occasion of graduation ceremony. This serves as a platform for the students to highlight their literary and artistic talents. The creative works are based on the core value observed by the institution for the year. The magazine also highlights the educational, cultural and sports activities of the college. Mrs Regy Varghese and Ms. Cristeena Cleetus are staff and student editors respectively for the year 2019-20.

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