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Iam one of the 12th batch BS.c Nursing students of Lisie College Of Nursing,currently employed under NHS,UK. I suggest my collge as one among the best nursing colleges.The entire college team are most professional and prepeared.Eventhough my initial days were a bit harder,especially the first 3 months,it was quiet adapted by myself from the months later.By the end of 4 years,I found myself and my colleagues as more grounded and were realistic about the work ahead of us.The clinical experience are the main highlight of our college.We had rotations at almost all the departments of Lisie hospital that really helped us to explore our nursing skills and be competent nurses.The training from Lisie College Of Nursing has really helped me a lot.It made me more responsible to the work that I’m doing.Moreover, it made me more committed and organized. I’m so proud that I got graduated from this institution,which enabled me to demonstrate a sterling work ethic in the difficult work environment in my professional life.It has prepared me professionally and grown me personnelly and spiritually.For this ,I will be grateful forever.

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