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NUTRITION FEST – BONGUSTA 2K23 The second semester BSc Nursing students of Lisie College of Nursing conducted Nutrition Practical named “BONGUSTA 2K23” as a part of their curriculum on 9 and 10 January 2023. 70 students were divided into four groups named Slice & Spice, Toast & Toss, Mix & Match and Grills and Chills. On 9 January, the students prepared Balanced diet for Pregnant Mother, Adolescent, Elderly and Childhood (3 to 6years). On 10 January students had practical session on preparation of Therapeutic diet for a Diabetic patient, Cardiovascular patient, Obese person and Renal patient. On both days practical was conducted as two sessions. 7am to 11.30 am students prepared a day menu for the assigned category, followed by presentation of RDA, sample menu plan, calorie value of food items included in menu plan, method of preparation of food items with the display of ingredients used. Presentation was attended and evaluated by Principal and Faculty of College of Nursing. After the presentation the teaching and non teaching staff joined to taste the food prepared by students. Rev . Fr. George Thelakatt visited the nutrition practical sessions and appreciated the hard work and enthusiasm of the students. The nutrition practical sessions were an opportunity for the students to understand in depth the applied nutrition and dietetics topics learned in the curriculum and also was a platform to bring out their culinary skills, team work, creativity and hospitality. Mrs. Mary Poulose and Mrs Priya Elizebath, Faculty College of Nursing/ Subject charges provided guidance to the students for the conduct of Nutrition Practical

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