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Ms. Mrudula E. S.

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Assistant Professor

Date of Birth


Date of Joining




Educational Qualification

M.Sc. Nursing


OBG Nursing

Teaching Experience

2 year 9 months

Clinical Experience

2 year


National level (Nightingale Nursing times)-1

Participation in Workshops


Participation of workshop and seminar

  • 1.Make pregnancy safer-  (father muller college of nursing)
  • 2.GFATM(Lourdes college of Nursing)
  • 3.Nursing theories and its application-(MOSC College of Nursing)
  • 4.SOAR Analysis(Lourdes college of Nursing)
  • 5.3 days hands on training in palliative care (G H Ernakulam)
  • 6.Effective use of AV aids(Lourdes college of Nursing)
  • 7.Competency based approaches in palliative and end of life care-(Lourdes college of Nursing)
  • 8.BACC-(Lourdes college of Nursing)
  • 9.Inferential statistics and application of SPSS-(Lourdes college of Nursing)
  • 10.Nursing competencies in wound ,ostomy and incontinence management- (RCC Trivandrum )
  • 11.Genetics-The central dogma of human life- (Ananthapuri hospitals and research institute ,Trivandrum)

Participation of webinar

  • 1.Infection prevention and control for noval corona virus-(WHO)
  • 2.Standard precautions-hand hygiene-(WHO)
  • 3. Covid 19 one threat , one world ,one response-( of Nursing-Kozhikodu)
  • 4. surveillance strategies of covid 19-( of Nursing-Kozhikodu)
  • 5.Publishing a research article- (Paediatric and neonatal nurses forum-India)
  • 6.Midwifes a change agent-(People’s university -Bhopal)
  • 7.Nutritional health in covid-( of Nursing-Kottayam)
  • 8.Exploring the possibilities of telenursing in obstetric services-( of Nursing-Kottayam)

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