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Farewell For Mrs Blaicy F, Mrs Geetu K and Mrs Rejini K Phillip

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On 17 September 2020 Lisie College of Nursing is bidding farewell to Mrs. Blaicy F, Mrs. Geetu K and Mrs. Rejini K Phillip after a long period of their service. Mrs. Blaicy F has been working at Lisie College of Nursing for a period of 18 years. She had been serving Lisie Family as a committed and inspiring teacher, mentor, motivator and guide. She was a helpful contributor to the service side and also has contributed a lot to the Medical Surgical Nursing department. We thank her for all the hard-work and dedication she put in to strengthen values and standards in our students. Mrs. Geethu K has been working at our college for two years and in that time she has shown great dedication towards her students and was a good friend to her colleagues. She always showed great enthusiasm towards her job and often took extra responsibilities. We thank her for all the help she has offered us. Mrs. Rejini K Phillip had been with us for four years teaching in the School of nursing and College during her time here. She showed great kindness in all her interactions and always cared for all her students. We thank her for all the efforts she took.    

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