Dr. Lissa Peter


MSc (OBG) Nursing, Ph.D. in Nursing





KNMC Registration Number


Experience In Lisie

17 Years

Total Experience

28 Years

Assignment For The Current Academic Year

Course:  4th BSc Nursing Subject: OBG Nursing

Research interest area

  • Obstetrical and Gynecological nursing

Tasks undertaken

  • Chairman of evaluation of KUHS theory examination
  • Chairman of KUHS practical examination
  • Inspector of KUHS and KNMC
  • Guideship of 12 PG students under KUHS
  • Evaluator of University theory examination
  • Internal and external examiner of University practical examinations
  • Observer of KUHS examination

Non-Academic assignments

  • Chairman of the disciplinary committee
  • President of Alumni association
  • Chairman of the disciplinary committee
  • Faculty in charge of the physical education committee
  • Convener of the committee for student clinical improvement
  • Curriculum committee
  • Academic monitoring cell
  • Doctoral committee member of KUHS


  • Effectiveness of Aerobic exercises on Dysmenorrhea among nursing students in selected nursing colleges of Ernakulam. Kerala Nursing Forum 2014 Vol.9:No2 April-June. Page-20-25
  • Effectiveness of infrared radiation on pain, discomfort and healing of episiotomy wound among postnatal mothers. Kerala Nursing Forum 2014 Vol 9:No 3 July-Sep 29-35 25
  • Effectiveness of abdominal effleurage versus pharmacological intervention on labor pain among primi-parturient admitted in labor room. International journal of nursing education 2016 July-Sep; 8(3): 93-98
  • Effectiveness of Nursing interventions on perimenopausal problems of women in selected community in Kerala in Asian journal of Nursing education and research. 2016 Vol.6 Issue4, Oct-Dec
  • Assessment of utilization of maternal health services among women in selected tribal communities of Kerala. International journal of immunological nursing 2017;3(1): ISSN: 2456-1592

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